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Euharlee Museum

      In 1997, a museum opened in the old cow shed near the bridge. The museum (free, but they appreciate donations) houses memorabilia about the bridge and the city of Euharlee. The museum is open 10-5 Tuesday thru Friday. Sun 1-5 (Euharlee City Hall, 770-607-2017), Call for more info.

The bridge is located adjacent to the ruins of an old mill once owned and operated by Daniel Lowry, who owned most of the land around the bridge. Lowry also allowed the builders to use rock from his land to build the piers of the bridge after high water swept a previous, lower bridge away. According to Thomas and Edward French in Covered Bridges of Georgia "He also helped to rebuild the wooden structure. Due to the fact the bridge was swept from its foundation and perhaps came to rest against the mill's south wall, it may have been salvaged. This could account for the numbering of the web members of the town lattice trusses."

According to the North Georgia Journal, the previous bridge collapse caused the death of a local man, Mr. Nelson, a mule and a horse. Mr. Nelson two young sons emerged from the disaster unscathed. This led to the eventual construction of the present, much sturdier bridge by W.W. King (with perhaps some help from his father though Horace was ill at the time). The maker's mark is still appears. The numbering scheme made assembly of the final parts easier.

Linda Gossett Cochran


Linda Gossett Cochran Family Researcher,Author, and Instructor; for over 35 years she has worked on not only her lines, but many others. Her genealogical books and workbooks has given more than one beginner that extra encouragement needed to start their tree. She has put together a beginner's kit giving novice researchers the right tools for finding a paper trail of their ancestors.

Linda's lineage research includes surnames of, Gossett,Cabe,Holtzclaw,Hufstetler,Parker,Ponder, Brooks,Cowan,Howard,Knight,Abernathy, Baxter,Redding,and Windsor.

Fain Cochran Jr. has done several of his lines including the Wilson, Brown, Brooks, Bearden, and of course the Cochrans. A full time Electrical Engineer he has little time for doing research these days but hopes it want be long before he will be able to work on it full time.

Linda is now the curator for the Euharlee Museum. Please pay her a visit.

Linda Gossett Cochran